Over and Back – Rick Barry (Episode #1)

In the inaugural episode of Over and Back, Jason Mann and Rich Kraetsch are joined by Curtis Harris of ProHoopsHistory to discuss the life and career of NBA and ABA legend Rick Barry. Rick is one of the more polarizing figures in NBA history, a talented budding superstar who made the dubious decision to jump from the NBA to the ABA in the prime of his career. As it turned out, Barry may have kickstarted the free agent revolution made famous by Oscar Robertson and baseball’s Curtis Flood. Barry, however, was seen as a selfish, money-hungry player who didn’t care about winning, a reputation that would surround him forever, even as he ventured back to the NBA and led the Golden State Warriors to their one and only NBA championship.

On the podcast, we discuss Barry’s jump to the ABA, whether it was the right decision at the time and why it ultimately hurt his legacy, his tenuous relationship with teammates, coaches and the media, his talented bloodline with NBA sons Brent (friend of Paroxysm!) and Jon, being a premiere scorer without the benefit of the three-pointer, the multitude of changes to the NBA and basketball throughout his career and much more!

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Rich Kraetsch

  • Pablo

    Any chance to download through a link for Android users? Thanks!

    • Rich Kraetsch

      I believe that’s on the way Pablo but for now all we can offer is the Soundcloud link.