NBA Offseason Recap: The Podium Game Podcast featuring Jared Dubin

The NBA offseason is just about all wrapped up. Soon, the NBA will announce the schedule, and this crazy summer will be a distant image in the rearview mirror. Before that happens, however,  Bryan Gibberman and Jared Dubin made an attempt to break down everything that happened during the offseason on this edition of The Podium Game Podcast.

The discussion started with the two biggest names still on the market — Eric Bledsoe and Greg Monroe. Monroe will reportedly take the qualifying offer, but will his gambit pay off. Meanwhile, Bledsoe and the Phoenix Suns are at a massive impasse. Apparently, the two sides haven’t spoken in quite a while. Is the relationship damaged beyond all repair, or is this just business as usual in the NBA?

Hear thoughts on Kevin Love eventually being traded to the Cavaliers — does it make the Cavaliers the favorites, or will they have too much work to do defensively? — Golden State deciding to stick with Klay Thompson, the Clippers trying to catch the Thunder and  Spurs in the West and how far the Heat  (now without LeBron) and Pacers (now without Paul George in addition to Lance Stephenson who had already left for Charlotte)) have dropped off from last season.

Hope everyone enjoys it.


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Bryan Gibberman