Random player YouTube vault: Carlos Delfino edition

Sep 30, 2013; St. Francis, WI, USA; Milwaukee Bucks player Carlos Delfino responds to a question during Media Day at the Milwaukee Bucks Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

The other week, as you no doubt remember, I came up with a new #content creation idea where I went into the YouTube vault for a random NBA player. In the first edition over at Hardwood Paroxysm, I featured Joel Freeland of the Portland Trail Blazers. And since then I’ve had dozens and dozens of people begging me day and night to do another post.

Well everyone is in luck because I’m back from vacation and ready to create unfathomable amounts of new content because creating content is what gives me life. I don’t even have to eat food because my connection to content is so strong. Every word I type, every post I submit makes me grow stronger. It’s like when Drake said,

“Can I tell the truth?

If I was doing this for you than I’d have nothing left to prove.

Nah, this for me tho.

I’m just tryna stay alive and take care of my people.”

This is all for me because I literally need to create content to stay alive. So here we go.

I hit up my friends at Twitter dot com for a player to feature in this new post. At first I was worried because no one was responding and that would have looked pretty lame. But then replies started coming in—the only thing was that none of them were currently in the NBA. That’s when internet personality Squid Dad, a.k.a. Dac, the founder of Squid Sports—the only sports account on Twitter—saved the day by suggesting Carlos Delfino.

And so here we are. Welcome to the Random Player YouTube Vault: Carlos Delfino edition.


Yooooo, I forgot about this dunk. Carlos Delfino really put Kevin Durant on a poster; that was a real thing that happened. No doubt this is, was, and forever will be greatest moment of Carlos’ life.


Hahahahah, aw hell yeah, a Deflino mix set to “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi.




Okay, Carlos, I see you.


OHHHH BABY! OHHHHHH BABBBBYYYYY! Carlos is lucky he didn’t get asked to leave the court for this one. (Also when did Chauncey play for the Knicks? I have no recollection of that happening.)




Low key Delfino is a very solid in-game dunker.






And apparently he’s all about throwing passes through defender’s legs.




I guess we’ll end with Delfino shooting baskets on the set of a talk show. I’m not entirely sure what’s all being said since it’s in Spanish, but yeah, here you go.

Jack Maloney