NBA Secret Origins: From Guard to God, Anthony Davis and the Power of SHAZAM

Secret Origin of Anthony Davis

NBA Secret Origins is a new illustrated feature here at The Podium Game combining my love for the NBA and comic books. Here we will explore the mysteries behind the rise of basketball’s greatest players, starting with Anthony Davis. Prints are available online and suggestions for future secret origins can be made in the comments section or on Twitter (@blanchardJRB).

Like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Kevin Love before him, New Orleans Pelicans power forward Anthony Davis looks to use his summer with Team USA as a launching pad towards elite status in the NBA. But how did a six-foot-nothing high school shooting guard transform into the next great NBA big man, seemingly overnight?

A sparsely recruited guard as a junior, Davis was bestowed magical powers from the basketball gods. Upon shouting the word SHAZAM, Davis is imbued with the basketball intelligence of Sabonis, the footwork of Hakeem, the leaping ability of Amare, the tenacity of Zo, the athletic ability of the Admiral, and the shot blocking of Mutombo.

Now Davis competes alongside the same heroes he admired growing up. Having known life both as a basketball mortal and god, Davis uses his unique insights to lead the Pelicans and Team USA as Earth’s mightiest mortal.